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Different games imply different degrees of risk, but it’s alright - gamblers’ tastes differ too. Some players are eager to show their skills at poker and feel some power in their hands, others wish to try their luck fully with slots. However, the variety of slots can offer various payouts and chances vary as well. Jackpots attract with hefty amounts of money on the score, but the chances to win them are rather small. Are online casino jackpot slots worth the risk? It is the question, everyone should answer on one's own after trying out some games at BluVegas Casino.

How do progressive jackpot slot machines differ?

In contrast to usual slots, which offer only set amount of money for each winning combination, jackpot slots offer the highest possible money for the top combinations. The amount is formed with the small percentage of the bets placed by all players. In that manner, the more players bet in a game, the bigger jackpot is. The amount of jackpot also depends upon the payout percentage and chance to get the most lucrative winning combination. However, to get the maximum amount you need to place the maximum bet, otherwise, expect only part of a jackpot. Get to know all the details of a game’s paytable and choose games suitable for you.

What jackpot games to play at BluVegas Casino

As a general rule, jackpot slot machines play a smaller part in the online gambling industry, so do not expect hundreds of games in the category. However, there are more than 30 of jackpots at BluVegas Casino with totally different amounts of the highest possible payout. These amounts may range from just a few thousand dollars to dozens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. The biggest providers of jackpot slots, the online casino has, are well-known Betsoft and iSoftbet. The most popular games are Betsoft’s At the Copa and Good Girl Bad Girl, that offer catchy gameplay and special in-game bonuses probably not featured in other games.

No doubt, the majority of gamblers play jackpot slots for real money, as they are eager to strike in rich. However, some are not ready to risk money and want to play for fun: that is what BluVegas Casino can easily offer. The option is also useful for newbies, willing to get to know gambling and jackpot games or gamblers who feel over-responsible. Anyway, enjoy your gambling, regardless of your preferences.

What to expect

Every gambler expects to win an amount with a few-digit number. Is it really a good strategy to play for the biggest jackpot? No wonder, that this question occurs, for slots are still the game of luck and nobody is able to say when you will hit the jackpot: it is all about the winning combination you get. You still need to remember that big amounts are formed from a large number of placed bets. That is why it is less likely to win in a huge-jackpot slot, not only a jackpot itself but a smaller amount of money as well.

Before playing, you should consider all risks and factors that may impact your chances for a win. Choose a game, which best suits your budget and your goals. You are always able to play jackpot slots for free or pick ones with smaller payouts to gain experience for this kind of games. And notice that hitting jackpots depends only on luck and not the fact of a jackpot being already won recently.

Bottom line

BluVegas Casino manages to keep quite a variety of themes and payout amounts within the number of online casino’s jackpot slots. Gamblers will always be able to choose games, interesting to play and fitting their budgets and goals. Several games have catchy gameplay and lots of opportunities to boost your winnings. Even though every slot game is merely the game of luck, remember simple rules of jackpots that will help you to stay afloat. And take a chance to get the biggest payout!

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